Digital Height Indicator

Locking Casters

Locking Casters

Washer Installed on Beater

Full Size Safety Shield on 2 lb Beater

Full Size Safety Shield on 2 lb Beater

Roll Safety Switch

Shipping a finished beater

Shipping a finished beater


Reina Beaters

The Reina beater is a traditional style beater whose design harks back to the paper beaters made in Holland in the 1600’s. It is made entirely from non-corrosive materials including stainless steel, bronze, and brass to help produce archival quality pulp. The machine is designed such that the roll is always held at a perfect parallel distance from the bedplate. This avoids misalignment and provides efficient beating. The bedplate is stationary, and the roll moves up and down to vary the beating action on the pulp.

We offer three sizes of traditional Hollander beaters for the beating needs of private studios, schools and small production mills. All offer exceptional durability and beating capabilities with numerous features designed specifically for the needs of hand papermakers. All the beaters have adjustable beater rolls; by turning a hand wheel, the roll is raised and lowered for precision beating, making the beater highly suitable for both hard beating and finishing beating. Cotton and linen rags are beaten with ease by lowering the roll, as are bark and grass fibers which require a greater distance between roll and bedplate. The beaters are easy to clean and maintain. By raising the hinged beater roll cover, one has direct access to the roll for easy rinsing. Each beater is made by hand using the finest non-corrosive materials; even the nuts and bolts will not rust.

2 lb. Reina Beater
Our standard stainless steel model beater has a 2 lb. dry pulp capacity, running with 14 gallons of water. It features a stainless steel tub, chassis, bedplate, shaft, cover and roll blades. Included are the Digital Height Indicator and Locking Casters. Blades are set into a bronze spool and are removable. The motor* is Single Phase, 1 hp, 60 cycle, 110-115 volts. This is our most popular model and has been in production for 39 years. 

2 lb. beater- $10,550, Crating $245

7 lb. Reina Beater and 10 lb. Reina Beater
For the production mill or large studio, our impressive 7 lb. Reina beater and 10-pound beater can fulfill large pulp beating requirements. Like all our machines they are ruggedly built to beat pulp over decades of daily use. Originally designed by us for the research and development department of Union Camp Paper Corp., they have also been shipped to Europe, South America, and Australia and are currently being used here in New York by two major paper studios. For the serious studio these beaters offer exceptional performance. Included in either machine is our Digital Height Indicator

7 lb. beater - $36,500, 10 lb. beater- $39,700, Crating $370


Features, Options and Supplies

Below are some options and supplies you may want for your beater. The first two are highly recommended for all studios. The washer is a specialized piece of equipment:


1. Digital Height Indicator
This is now included on all our machines. The indicator shows the precise space adjustment between the roll and the bedplate ensuring accurate duplication of beating. This feature is essential for use in schools so that students know the exact position of the roll. It is also important for the studio wanting to duplicate stock results by correlating roll height and beating time. 

2. Casters

These 5″ diameter heavy duty casters are now included on the 2 lb. model, enabling one to easily move the beater. Once in place, locking mechanisms keep the machine stationary. The casters frame is stainless steel and features both swivel and rotation locking action.

3. Washer
For those of you who wish to make truly clean, archival pulp, we offer a washer to fit the 2 lb. Reina beater. We can also custom make a washer for other sizes and for other beaters. $2,600

4. Roll Safety Switch
This safety switch automatically shuts off power if the roll cover or the Lexan splash shield are lifted or not in place. Also if there is a power outage, it will protect the user by not allowing the machine to run without warning when the power is restored. ( To restart the user will need to press the regular on switch.) $1500

5. Full Size Safety Shield for Tub
This shield covers all open surfaces of the tub for full protection, and is made of tough Lexan plastic. A lift off handle is included on the cover. 2 lb. full cover - $175, 7 & 10 lb. full cover - $260

6. 50 Cycle Motor for Export
For our overseas’ customers who require a single or three phase, 50 cycle 220 volt motor we can set up your beater with the proper motor. and a waterproof switch. Please let us know your electrical requirements and we can give you a price for the beater with that motor.

7. Ground Fault Interruptor
All electrically run equipment used in a wet paper studio environment should be run through a ground fault interruptor receptacles installed either in the wall, the circuit breaker box or in the power line of the equipment. Nowadays all bathroom, kitchen and outdoor outlets are required to have a GFI. For our 2 lb. beaters that may be be moved around to locations missing a GFI we recommend this 20 amp in-line GFI. $150

8. Blade Sharpening/Calibration Kit
Every few years you may want to resharpen the roll and bedplate blades. This kit includes the correct carborundum grinding grit with instructions. Also included is a set of feeler gauges to properly align the roll with the bedplate. These are used when the machine is reassembled after installation of new seals or bearings. $15

9. Replacement Seals
After years of heavy use, roll shaft seals sometimes need to be replaced. These are sold as a set of two. Includes directions. $75

10. Beater Belt
This is an item that occasionally needs to be replaced, and it’s helpful to have an extra belt on hand. $25

11. Grease Gun
Did you know that beaters need greasing regularly? This grease gun has a flexible hose of that hard to reach areas on the beater can be easily lubricated. $55
Tube of grease for gun $7


Individuals: For the 2 lb. beater, a deposit of $1,750 is required upon ordering. Balance is due before shipping. For 7 or 10 lb. beaters, a 15% deposit is required.
Institutions: For the 2 lb. beater, a deposit of $1,750 is required upon ordering, along with a purchase order. For 7 and 10 lb. beaters a 15% deposit is required. Balance is due before shipping and is net 30 days.
Delivery: About 6 -10 weeks
Shipping: Shipped F.O.B. Brooklyn, New York. We usually ship by common carrier.
Call us for a price quotation.

*We can supply a special motor for our overseas customers who use 50 Hz, 220 volts. Please enquire for price.